QWIK Auto Center is your one stop auto shop for all of your performance needs. Our professionals are dedicated to working with you to customize your car for optimum performance.

We carry high quality parts and products, and we are one of the only shops in San Diego that will install parts that you bring in. Whether you have a need for speed, or just enjoy keeping your car in top tune quality, we can help you achieve your auto goals.


Performance Modifications

Often times, performance modifications are changes made to your current vehicle in order to optimize speed, power, and overall driving performance.

Common Modifications:

  • Upgrading your exhaust to a performance exhaust to improve power and torque
  • Boost your power and torque by optimizing spark plugs, fuel injectors, and air filters
  • Installing high performance shocks, coils, and springs
  • Adding performance chips and programmers
  • Installing a cold air intake to feed cooler air to your engine
  • And much more!

We are an authorized K&N dealer and carry an excellent line of other performance brands.